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Frequently Asked Questions

Look here to find the answers to your questions. If you can't find your answer here, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Is there a cost difference between running an Access driven site and SQL Server?

Access is free (limited to number of ODBC's). SQL Server is an extra charge per month (per ODBC). Please see Web Hosting Extras for customizing your plan.

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How would the Administration of the SQL Server work? (i.e. creation of tables, creation of user accounts, assignment of roles, permissions, etc.)

Administration is done remotely through enterprise manager. You just log on to our version of SQL using your own administration software package (or MS InterDev 6) and you can manage your databases. You would need to submit a work order for changes on the server DSN.

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What is the difference between Shared SSL and SSL certificate?

Shared SSL means that a secure URL mirrors the domain (i.e. mirrors all the files). That means that if you are calling or writing via SSL (i.e. credit card numbers), then you should use the secure URL above rather than the domain:

Your own SSL certificate would be and looks more professional, although it is more expensive to setup.

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Do you allow hosting of pornographic sites?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Take your material elsewhere.

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Are you able to host an Australian website (i.e.

We can host domains of any extension providing that the registrar can point them at our servers. We already host French, German and Russian sites amongst others, so there should not be any problems.

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How much do you charge to host a .com, database driven, on an NT Server running IIS?

Please see Web Hosting for plans options.

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What version of Access and SQL Server do you run?

The current SQL Server version is 2000 (MS Access versions are supported too).

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How do we manage the database? Over the web or using a tool like PCAnywhere?

The server has capability for FrontPage extensions and InterDev support. MS Access web-based database control is available at this time. We also have a web-based SQL Interpreter form you can use. It executes SQL statements on different selected DSN's.

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Do you give us one database on a SQL Server?

Number of ODBC connections depends on the hosting plan. You can have additional ODBC's. Please see Web Hosting Extras for customizing your plan.

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Do you support server-side XML manipulations?

Yes, we support XML.

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Do you support wireless websites?

Yes, we support both WAP protocol and WML language websites.

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What version of Microsoft's scripting engine is installed on your web server?

If it is a default Windows 2003 library then it is supported.

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How much space is allocated for our site (including the size of the database?)

See Web Hosting for base web space size and Web Hosting Extras for additional space.

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Can you provide SSL for secure login?

SSL is available. Please see Web Hosting Extras for selecting your SSL option.

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Are there any limitations on the number of databases, servers?

The number of ODBC slots determines how many FREE DSN setups you get (pointers on the server to each database). Please see Web Hosting for base plan ODBC options and Web Hosting Extras for additional options.

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How do you handle licensing?

Each server is properly licensed with software and drivers so you don't have to worry about buying the licenses yourself. This is why out-sourcing your web hosting is economical.

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What is an ODBC slot?

ODBC is a database access point with the server, that allows the database to communicate dynamically with the server and web site.

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Where are my databases going to be stored?

Each account is setup with an ODBC sub-directory for storing MS Access databases. Accounts will have a limited number of DSN pointers unless you pay for extra. The DSN's are more important with SQL Server databases over Access databases since you can use a file DSN for Access or just point to the MS Access driver (these options require some extra scripting knowledge). You would not need to use one or more of your ODBC slots by utilizing these options. Please see Web Hosting for base plan ODBC options and Web Hosting Extras for additional options.

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Will I be able to use Microsoft Office products on my website?

In order for a person browsing your site to see a MS Word document, MS Excel spreadsheet, MS PowerPoint presentation, or other MS Office file type, they would need to have MS Office (or some other software that reads them) installed on their computer. And, right now, this option is limited to the MS Internet Explorer web browser for integrating these documents into your website. The proper MS Office application needs to be installed on the end-users computer too, unless they have a plugin installed which reads these formats.

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What payment plans for hosting are available?

We currently accept check or money order. We are researching different merchant account options for offering our customers credit/debit card purchases.

Hosting is paid in advance (due on the anniversary of your hosting setup). You can cancel at any time. The current pre-paid month will not be refunded, but if you paid for more than one month in advance, you will be refunded for all but the current month.

You can chose to pay any number of months in one payment to make it easier on bill tracking and postage for you. We will waive your setup fee if you pay for at least six months up front. However, if you cancel your plan before the pre-paid time frame is over, you will be charged the waived setup fee.

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Can I resell web space?

Yes, and you will need to keep up to date on our web hosting plans. The main thing to keep in mind with reselling is that the support time of your customers could be slower since they go through you first.

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Can I resell space under one account?

At this time reseller plans of that type are not available. Please sign up for a separate account plan per customer. A discount plan is being structured for reselling accounts.

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Can I use other ActiveX components, dll's or libraries?

We can add custom components to a server on the following basis :

  • Commercial ASP and Cold Fusion Components are added free of charge.
  • Other DLL's and Libraries are added for a $20 setup fee.
  • DLL's and Libraries which impact the server in any way may be refused installation.

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