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Maintaining a close relationship, delivering specialized services, and utilizing technologies.

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Web Hosting
A website isn't happy without a proper home.

Great Hosting Plans
. 1Gb
. 5 POP3 Email Accts
. 1Gb/mo Traffic
. $15/mo!


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Technical Glossary
Stumped on a certain technical term?

Glossary of Technical Terms

Active X
Active X is a front end development language which can also interface with databases via ODBC. A similar language to Javascript

ASP Active Server Pages
ASP, or active server pages is a common langauge supported by Microsoft, which allows the querying of an access database over the internet.

Auto Forwarding
A calling card for email, which sends any user sending you an email, a message such as contact information or a confirmation.

This is the measurement of data coming in and out of the server. Sites are given a guide amount of potential traffic they can receive. Bandwidth is measured in GB - gigabytes (1000 megabytes) and you can usually deliver 100,000 hits per GB.

Domain Alias
A canonical domain allows the web user to break their domain into URL's such as, which allows you to section your web site into new directories.

Cart 32 Shopping System
A built in shopping system which can be weaved into your site. Allows unlimited products/information and can be linked to real time credit card processes.

Cold Fusion
Cold Fusion is a database querying language, which uses an access database, built by Allaire to conquer CGI this is vast becoming a popular database language.

The term for hosting an external machine on a network. For instance hosting your PC on our network in Canada.

A dedicated server package means that you get your own server as well as connection to our network.

Disk Storage
The physical memeory your web site is allowed to consume. Sites normally average 5MB. Can be easily upgraded if required

Domain Names
The use of common hypertext names which are routed to a certain place on the web, for instance

Domain Registration
The process for organising a domain name and where it should go.

Domain Transfer
The process for transferring a domain name to another person or location.

DNS, or Domain Name Server, turns domain names in to network locations, called IP Addresses, so you can find the area of the server you are looking for.

Email Aliases
Email aliases are accounts which direct mail from one place to another without needing a POP 3 account.

Email Responders
An email that can be customised and sent back to anyone sending a mail to a specific email address
An affiliate company who provide bolt on features to your website, such as public email, bulletin baord, chat rooms and more..

FrontPage 2000
Microsoft's web development studio, which has web server extensions to allow web site and file management. InstantHosting.Com supports version 2000 and below.

FTP Access
FTP, or File Transfer Protocol is the term for putting or taking files from a server.

Internic are the organisation responsible for registering and transferring domain names.

IP Address
Internet Protocol which is used by the DNS to tell you where to look for a specific web page, on a server/machine.

Megabyte Storage
The term for the amount of web space given to a user. Most web sites never exceed 3 Megabytes, but it is always a good idea to plan ahead.

Non-Virtual Domains
A non-virtual domain means that you have a subdirectory of an existing domain name, for instance , which is useful for personal web sites as it involves no registration expense.

NT / Unix Platform
Servers are split into popular platforms (operating systems), the operating systems we support are Unix and Windows NT.

ODBC Slots
ODBC is a database access point with the server, that allows the database to communicate dynamically with the server and web site.

PC Anywhere
A piece of software to connect to a PC remotely, and administer it, just as you would your own desktop.

Perl CGI
A form of server language (Computer Gateway Interface) which is used a lot on the web to integrate server functions such as email, with the front end web site.

POP3 Email
Permanent Point of Presence email means that you can collect you email, any time/any place and anywhere. The server can deliver mail to your account no matter where you are and you can use software such as Outlook express to collect it.

Real Audio/Video
Support for streaming audio and video formats, whcih means you can run TV clips and sound bites on your web site.

A query language for talking to databases, one of the most popular forms of database querying. Excellent for high profile sites and large bandwidth applications.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
The ability to transmit data through a specific secure port on a web server. Usually certified by Verisign or Thawte with encryption of 128bit

A way of interfacing directly with the server; using a command prompt style format.

Un-interupted power supply means that your system, even in the event of a power cut, will continue to run.

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